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Acrylic nail designOn a par with classic manicure and nail enhancements nail art (such as acrylic painting, 3D design and others) is still a popular trend in a nail industry. Women of at all times loved to decorate themselves and that is reflected in the nail industry as well, taking its place separately from manicure and nail modeling.

Most Russian nail artists believe that nail design is not in a great demand, maybe only among the youth. Indeed, youth accepts fashion trends with an enthusiasm. This is their way of expressing themselves and creating an image of their personality. But I can assure you that the design, as well as creative people who love new and extraordinary things, has no age! After all, design does not mean to put "all the best at once" on the nails.

The nail design market is so extensive nowadays that even the most demanding nail artist can choose the right materials to create various nail art for sophisticated clients.

Commonly it happens that some nail artists gather around them clients who prefer conservative style, light tones in the design, pastel shades, very soft unobtrusive color combinations.

More creative clients, who are ready for various experiments, innovations, willing to look defiantly, sometimes even shocking, go to completely different nail artists. Those who can fulfill fantasies and new ideas in the nail art.

Most of these clients are very creative, from show business, art or music sphere. Thus, certain style of each nail artist entails quite different selection of accessories for nail design.

Acrylic nail designI would want to talk about acrylic nail design (3D sculpture) as many clients have misconceptions about this term. Most think that 3D sculpture must look as bulky long and disproportional nails. Well, it’s not. Very long nails – Stiletto, Pipe, and other shapes – were popular a while ago but things have been changed. Taste, style, fashion have been changed. And nowadays, natural and comfy nails are more relevant in the daily bustle.

Nail artist who uses the technique of 3D acrylic sculpture offers a number of opportunities to the customers in nail art.


  • With a huge amount of color acrylic powders you can create a plain cover on hand or feet, or a two-, three-, four-color-tinted;
  • You can do all sorts of color French manicure, from simple white tip to the flickering manicure made of various glitter;
  • For fans of abstract designs you can offer the combination of color powders with different accessories – rhinestones, foil, sand, mica, pearl ribbon, shell, precious and semi-precious stones. And all of these accessories in combination with different color acrylic powders will look in a totally different, unique way, emphasizing the individuality of your client;
  • It is also possible to combine acrylic nail design with gel products. Acrylic flowers look absolutely incredible under the transparent gel coating. They are just as real and natural, visible in an every detail to amaze the client;
  • Acrylic flowers – poppies, roses, violets, wild flowers, daisies, creepers, orchids... and any other flower the nail artist can think of – can be sculpt in just a few seconds. This greatly increases the speed of work compare to the modeling with 3D gels. And the effect is stunning;
  • You also can make acrylic flowers as part of aquarium design or as a decoration on the top of the nails as a 3D bas-relief design (photo);
  • Acrylic nail designAnd of course, you can create any kind of 3D design – not just flowers – mountains, water, clouds, green fields. You can make a mini-reproduction of the painting!;
  • Ready-made acrylic lace is very widespread among brides. And no wonder! It is so quick, effective, and unusual!
  • If you combine acrylic sculpture with acrylic paints, you will open even more magical world of endless possibilities. Indeed, some parts of the design can be done in between the layers of acrylic or gel, or drawing final touches under the topcoat. This technique emphasizes the structure and volume in the nail art;

For clients who prefer natural nails, regular nail polish or gel polish, you always can offer a small acrylic flower on one or two nails for special occasion where the flower will fit the dress or the mood. Acrylic nail design offers endless possibilities, number of techniques and a lot of space for creativity.

Professional Nail Artist should:

Get qualified training;

  • Possess different techniques;
  • Have a vision and an idea on how to create balanced and beautiful composition of different elements in the design;
  • Do not overload design with bulky elements, but to create light and natural nail art to emphasize personality of the client, attracting all eyes; 
  • It is also important for nail artist to be able to offer the nail design that fit to the Acrylic nail designclient based on the lifestyle or special occasion. Professional nail artist should keep impartial and listen to the client.

When all these conditions are met, I am sure no woman would ever refuse to try acrylic nail art! Do not be afraid to experiment! And keep working on your skills, constantly improving yourself by attending advanced training courses. Remember, creative approach affects the number of customers who prefer exclusive nail art, and therefore more expensive nails.

Take a look at the photos of my artworks (acrylic and aquarium nail design) and video about combination of acrylic design and acrylic paints.

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