Interview with professional nail artist and educator Gorodnova Inna. Part I


Interview with VIP-nail artist and international level educator of nail extension and nail design, the absolute winner of the the winner of the European Championship.

  •  Good day Inna. Tell us how did you come to the nail sphere? 

nail artist and trainer Inna GorodnovaEach of us has some talents that we should uncover, but unfortunately we are rarely aware of it at young age.As far as I remember from a very young age, I always liked nails and nail designs. At first it was just a hobby.
My first clients were dolls. I painted their nails with nail enamel. Then I remember the time in high school, when woman used to came to my mother to do manicure and pedicure, and it seemed to me that she was doing something wrong or at least not perfect...
And if I were there, I would do that better.
In a more conscious age when I was admitted to the second higher education in the Law Academy, I decided to take nail courses. Later, after gra
In this profession I saw creative challenge and interesting communication. I was excited to know everything: manicure, pedicure, acrylic/gel nail art, painting etc. I was keen on becoming an educator and win a world championship.
It was very interesting because of meeting great new people, because of travelling, exhibitions, and exciting communications. That was dive into a new great world of nail art, artistic people, beauty, travelling.
Quickly I understand that besides all benefits, I can also earn money by providing high-quality nail services. People pay for that and go away happy and come back again and again. It seems like all-positive profession.
In addition it’s a lot of new goals, which you put in front of yourself as a nail artist and then gain them one by one. It’s a competition spirit, intention to grow up professionally, know and get more than you do now, make nails faster, better. Than anyone else.
This organizes you, makes you patient and strong, because this is a kind of profession where its not enough just to learn and study. It’s all about muscles memory. Its endless everyday training and practice.
As a result you get full realization in your profession; your profession becomes your hobby bringing you money and joy.

  • How to choose the way of nail modeling? What are the guide points? nail artist

On client’s desire (nail shape, French, design, length), natural nail shape, on time that you can spend on it. On some nails its better and faster to use acrylic. From other side, there are clients who can not stand the smell of acrylic liquid (monomer). Thereby we  should use gel technique.
Acrylic technology allows making thin nails without losing quality, gel always requires some thickness to be wearable. First of all you should follow client’s desire, taking into consideration other factors such as time available, qualification and knowledge of the nail artists.

  • How long the artificial nails can be wear?

Under professional nail application and further high-quality corrections, artificial nails can be wear for a very long period without damaging natural nails. In some cases, natural nails even can get better, if there were previous mechanical damages on natural nail plate. Nail correction as a result should bring artificial nails to its original appearance.  Nails after correction should look like they had just been modeled: new and identical.
Artificial nails have to be perfect and adorn hands of women, as they attract public attention. At first place, nails should facilitate the life of the client in order she can spend less time on nail care.

  • Why nail tips are breaking down?

We can think of several reasons. One of them – is low-quality tips. Professional tips are made of 80% of acrylic or gel, very elastic, perfectly fit to the shape of your nail when applying. The next and most important reason – it's a wrong application. Namely, the mistake is too large area of adhesion to the nail. Proper applied nail tip should be glued to 1 mm of the nail only. In case of tips with no contact zone, bonding area is limited by small part of sidewalls of the tip. Basically, tips are only applied to create a free edge. Natural nail should be exceptionally and completely covered with gel or acrylic, not glue. Glue is washed with water. Thus entails the formation of air pockets and as a consequence, which lead to break of the tip from the nail.
We can add that in recent years due to the large number of benefits, nail forms have superseded tips in nail modeling.

  • What you can’t do with artificial nails? nail extension artist

During the first day after the nail enhancement you should avoid sudden temperature changes, as the polymerization is continued for 10 hours after the modeling procedure. It’s better to avoid pool, solarium right after procedure. You should avoid kick movements and taps with your fingernails. Everything else you can do, just remember that the length is different now and you need to get used to it for a few days, so all movement should be more careful than usual.

  • On which principle should you choose "your" way to have beautiful nails?

It all depends on the customer. If a customer wants a specific length and shape different from what she has now, then you need to extend nails with acrylic or gel. If the client wants to strengthen her nails without changing the length, then there are bio-gels, gel polish, silk strengthening for natural nails. Based on the nail condition and client’s desire, you choose the most appropriate way to enhance the nails. The second point you should consider is the price and professionalism of the nail artist. All above procedures differ in the time spent and its costs. Competent nail artist, both at home or at the beauty salon, will determine what the client wants to get as a result and pick up the way in which client will be totally satisfied having beautiful nails!

  • Which technology is the safest?

It can be dangerous only if a nail artist is amateur and/or if low-quality materials that cause allergies are used. Another major issue is an inappropriate application technique of artificial nails enhancement or natural nail strengthening, that causes burns, redness, and gashes. Nail modeling and nail strengthening should be performed only by a qualified technician and only using professional high-quality products.

  • What services are now in demand in the nail industry?

I would say, «manus cure» – what in Latin means “hand and nail care”. At all times all self-respecting women use professional services in this field. It was and always will be relevant. Nowadays, himself a range of services became much extended. All that makes woman's hands manicured is in demand, whether this is a simple hygienic manicure, natural nails strengthening or nail extension. For example, a French manicure – is one of the most popular services in the beauty salon. French means emphasizing the free tip of the nail with a color different from the color of the nail plate. In the classic sense, this is white tip. This manicure perfectly fits for business woman, students, and people of creative professions. Generally speaking, it is suitable for everyone. French manicure can be worn to any clothing type, for office or special occasions, as well for the wedding party or vacations.

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