Beautiful nails. Hands & Nails Care recommendations for clients.


Beautiful nails. Hands & Nails Care

Nail technicians know that beautiful hands and nails – this is a natural result of a thorough and systematic care. It is important to teach your client to take care of their own hands at home. This is responsibility of the nail technician to convince client of importance of the nail and hand care, to help orient in the wide variety of existing products, give competent advice on the using proper treatments, to explain its benefits, action, and differences over other treatments. If your client has artificial nails, it does not stop him from the regular care of the cuticles and hand skin. Even if your client prefers to do wet manicure at home, explain that it is better to remove the cuticle by using special treatments, which willgently dissolve dry skin, then push cuticle with an orange stick and remove the dead tissues. Skin around nails needs nutrition and hydration. You should explain to your client that nourishing cuticle zone – is a daily ritual to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Due to proper care, skin around nail plate will be smooth and elastic. Cuticle oils contain various plant extracts. Explain to your client, that light massage which helps to rub the oil into the skin and the lunula area (nail matrix zone) will increase blood flow to the nails, improving their growth.

Beautiful nails. Hands and Nails Care

Advise customers to use rubber gloves when they do their household chores as well as water and all kinds of detergents and cleaning agents may negatively affect both the nails and the skin.Give an example on the proper hand care at home: hand bath, a variety of scrubs (with natural ingredients – sugar, coffee, strawberries, bananas, etc.), nutrition, hydration, using paraffin and protection with hand creams. Explain each step of the care in details. 

Clients need to understand that their "sophisticated" and beautiful nails cannot be used as tools. Explain the differences between hand treatments for different times of the year. So, in winter, with its low humidity and extreme temperature changes, clients should use suitable nourishing hand cream with a more oily texture than summer hand cream. Moreover, today it is easy to choose the cream with the perfume odor that can emphasize the personality and individual taste. Showing such attention to the client, showing sincere concern, nail technician can be sure that the client will become regular to the salon and an avid fan of the nail service, always having perfect beautiful nails. And this is exactly what you wanted.

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