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What are beautiful hands or feet? We are talking about well-groomed hands with neat yet stylish manicure, healthy nails, and clean glowing skin. Delicate and appealing nail polish as a nail decoration is of a great importance. And French manicure is a perfect choice that fit to anything. French manicure can be done either with regular nail polish, or using gel or acrylic nail extension. french manicure

The first precept of the nail artist is to get familiar with your client! Professionals often begin the first visit with the small chat, asking client about her lifestyle and habits. It will help to identify which nails length will suit to the client based on her lifestyle. The more active the client, the higher the risk of damaging long nails. Understanding the customer's lifestyle helps to decide on the appropriate work techniques, services, home care tips that you can offer to a specific person.
 Clients are very different and have different tastes and desires. Perhaps only demand on qualitative French nail design remains unchanged for many years in the market of the nail services. So, classic French nail modeling (natural color of the nail plate and white nail tip) will suit everyone, without exceptions: housewives, doctors, office workers and business woman, flight attendants, service workers, artists and those who work in showbiz, sportsmen.

Hands in each of these professions are in the limelight and experience daily stresses (over-drying, chipping from constant contact with the papers and keyboards). So by having artificial nails, your natural nails are protected, natural-looking, well-groomed and stylish.
And most importantly – any woman will feel very comfortable, she is self-confident, because her hands with French nails modeling look perfect for a long period (three to five weeks), and do not require any special care. In today's world saving time is a live issue.
Moreover, nail modeling with camouflage acrylic powder or gel allows you to change the color of the nail plate, hide imperfections, give a better shape and the surface (more convex or flat), and visually make it longer for elegant look. Modeling techniques can help to align the nail plates, extend sides if required, and seal the free edge when it chips. Professional nail artist will offer you all these services.
For those ladies who do not want to attract additional attention to their hands, but want to have beautiful and elegant nails, there is an alternative to the classical French - "Beverly Hills French". Pink or beige nail plate is saved, but the tip of the nail is modeled with a semi-transparent white, which is not a bright white, but has more natural shade). If the customer has never done nails before, then the question arises, how comfortable she will feel with artificial nails on the hands or feet?
Surely, nail stylist consider the thickness of artificial nails, it should be too much! With qualitatively made ​​French acrylic nail or gel your client will not feel any inconveniences! And for lovers of more creative options, you can always offer a variation of French nail design.

french nail modelingFor example, French can be:

  • Color French – with color acrylic powders, color gels or popular today – gel polishes.
  • Sparkling French – with glitter powders.
  • Pearl French – with acrylic beads of different colors and sizes.
  • Floral French – chamomile, cornflower, sand, caramel or using dried flowers.
  • Mosaic French.
  • Moon French – we use a different color in the lunula zone than for the rest of the nail plate). Same as in classic French, nail tip is different and colored with the same color as we used for lunula zone. In other name, this French called – Hollywood French. As an option – lunula can be clear (non-colored). Beige, gold, silver or white “moon” looks great with bright and dense or dark colors of the nail plate – blue, black, aubergine, burgundy, purple.
  • Millenium French or French vice versa – nail plate color is bright and colored, tip remains clear or semi-transparent.  

Also you can make abstract French, and French with abstract flowers, or using tiger and leopard print. Lovers of luxury and glamour will appreciate nail French using gold leaf.

Wedding French and nail design – is a great separate topic. Brides are very demanding in their choice for this important French nail enhancementand solemn day as they want to look absolutely flawless. And in this case, french acrylic or gel nail modeling will fit to the purpose.
Options may be different: classic or with Swarovski stones, using lace, flat or 3D floral acrylic design.
Beautiful nails made by professional nail artist will complete your image, emphasize individuality, create a good mood and give you smile – this all is a pledge of success to any woman!

Self-confidence is an important factor of success for anyone!
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