Acrylic nail enhancement


Acrylic nail extension is a very multifaceted topic. Russian nail artists work with acrylics for almost 20 years.  Acrylic system consists of powder (polymer) and liquid (monomer). This is chemically speaking. But in fact, acrylic is a living creature. It moves, has its very individual curing time, aging, and it even can be capricious, if you want!
Depends on the room temperature, temperature of client’s or nail artist's hands it can behave very differently. And polymerization time (curing time) may vary from 7 to 45 seconds. This time also vary on the type of acrylic, it can be “salon” or “competitive” type. Usually, salon acrylic cures longer than competitive (it’s mentioned on the package indicating the speed of polymerization). It was created specifically for use during competitions, as the time for nail extension is Acrylic nail enhancementlimited.
Definitely, we all have seen artificial nails at least once in our life. And it’s good if you’ve seen artificial nails and haven’t understood whether it’s natural or not.  The creation of something that looks absolutely natural – is a hard work, years of education, experience and endless trainings of the nail artists. Yes – it is work, but it is exciting work. In order to feel happy when you go to work, to meet clients with smile – you should love what you do. Actually, an acrylic nail modeling is an absolutely amazing process, not comparable to anything else. You can find classic acrylics with specific smell, or those, without smell.

Advantages of acrylic are:

  • It is less time-consuming. As the rate of polymerization is very high, professional nail artist can complete nail extension using “one ball” technique in just 30 minutes without any quality loss. Relation between time and quality is one of the most important to our customers.
  • Acrylic is very flexible thus allowing nails extension of any length and shape. It is also easy to create natural looking arches and hide imperfections, emphasizing advantages. All these without more time wasting.
  •  As a huge advantage, acrylic nails can be easily dissolved in acrylic remover liquids. This is an undeniable fact enables to preserve natural nails in the same condition in which they were before extension! The main reason of thin nails after extension – is overfiled nails, especially if natural nails of your client were originally not very strong.
  • Advanced acrylic systems have tendency to self-leveling, which makes work easier.
  • Small corrections and repair is a very easy process with acrylics. No layering is required. Just fill the crack with acrylic and nail is perfect again.
  • You do not need to put hands under UV lamp in acrylic nail enhancements so the nail artist has a full control over curing process. The process of molecules motion and heating (so-called curing) occurs gradually, not abruptly, as it happens with gel. The client does not feel heat (burn) on the nails as it happens sometimes with high-density gels under UV light. This is definitely an important plus of acrylics.
  • Art designs made with color acrylic powders, especially floral ones, look fantastically beautiful! Flowers almost bloom on the nails, due to natural volume and soft look.

And this is not all the pros if the nail artist and the client decided to make acrylic nails.  Acrylic nail extension
As for the cons I only could think of the smell. Yes, unfortunately it is present in classic acrylic systems. But it has been proven and approved that new generation of acrylic monomers based on ethyl methacrylate is safe and harmless. These modern and high quality acrylics, which are non-toxic, do not cause allergies, and smell quickly erodes from the premises. Moreover, the smell of some brand new expensive acrylics is barely perceptible!

All this, dear customers can be obtained when the nail artist, which you have chosen, is a professional with sufficient skills and qualifications. In this case, acrylic nail enhancement will be pleasant and delightful experience.
I can add that among services that are offered by nail artists, the most popular are the different variations of acrylic salon French.  Such as colored-french, moon-french, pearl or floral, and many others. At your request nail artist can always add various design elements to your classic French that will enhance and adorn nails.

In conclusion, I want to say something that reader has already known – the client comes to the salon not only for a quality service. She comes for fellowship, for attention, and service here is just an excuse.
I wish all of you to receive only quality nail and beauty services and a good mood!

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