Gel Nail Enhancement


Gel Nail EnhancementGel Nail Enhancement is one of the modeling techniques. Recently nail modeling techniques have gone through a lot of changes and updates. And those changes can only be evaluated by classic criterias (such as appearance and durability) used for nail enhancement. First of all client, and only client, is the one who can evaluate the quality of the job done. It’s absolutely not important which technology has been used to create the nails as long as it serves the purpose. Only result is what matters. 
There are a lot of discussions nowadays about how fashionable it is to have artificial nails. Maybe it is better to enhance nails using Bio-gels or popular gel-polishes? If your client has healthy strong and even natural plate with the equal length on all fingers, then artificial nail modeling is not really required.
Artificial nails are the solution for clients who have problems such as asymmetric nail shape, uneven smile line or unequal length. And if you want to have beautiful, natural-looking nails, the question whether or not it is fashionable to wear artificial nails is no longer relevant.
Qualified technician will easily help to solve these problems and make nails look perfect and natural-looking, hiding imperfections and emphasizing the advantages making your hands look elegant and stylish. After all, in today's world nail professional has a wide range of selection of new, improved high quality brands to create artificial nails to satisfy any demand. Nail artist have an opportunity to easily change the shape of your nails, to create an alternative nail plate and smile line (for example, use camouflage gels to extend the natural nail plate).

  • Gel – is a derivative of acrylics. And it has many advantages: 
  • Gels are very durable and have a great adhesion with the natural nail plate; 
  • Gels are very flexible and have self-leveling features which help to save time for both professionals and beginners;
  • Liftings are almost eliminated due to the covalent bond between the artificial material and the natural nails, as it is one of the most solid bond in nature;
  • Gel has no curing time when applied, the process starts only under UV- rays;
  • Gels are almost odorless;
  • All modern gels are hypoallergenic;
  • Gels are easy to file (during correction or removing);
  • Do not "shrink" during the curing process (no more than 10%);
  • Gels, both classic and color, do not change its color and do not fade with time;
    Resistance to a different solvents allows the client to change the color of the nail polish (over the gel) harmlessly for gel enhancement;

Clear gel has a magnifying glass effect. When used in the aquarium design overlays, it allows you to create unique effects, implementing most unusual and bold solutions!  

Gel nail extensionEvaluating all pros, we should mention some cons. Gel nail enhancement has a minus which should be considered, so-called "burning" feeling during polymerization process in the UV-lamp. Due to a chemical reaction that produce heat that some clients can feel it on their nail plate. It may bring some discomfort to the client.
Yet gel nail enhancement and natural nails strengthening with Bio-gels, which were specially designed to protect the natural nail plate on both hands and feet, – are required and necessary procedures in beauty salon or for private nail artists. 
As the client, who chose nail enhancement whether it was a French nail modeling or design extension, natural nail overlays or gel-polish, can be sure that her hands will look beautiful and stylish for 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

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