Removing nails


Proper removal of nails (acrylic or gel) should be done by professional nail technician. Only in this case the client will get a guarantee that natural nails will remain healthy and safe after removal. Saving penny on professional nail removal by trying to remove nails at home or at low-quality nail salon will lead to inevitable nail damage. After this, most of the clients get the wrong impression that nail extension is harmful.

Removing nails

The nails grow continuously, hence get renewed. It will be around 6 to 8 months from the moment of new cell birth to the moment of its appearance behind the stress point and visible part of the nail will get renewed in 3-4 months. There is a common misconception that you should remove artificial nails to “let them breath”. It makes no sense since nail plate will be replaced with the new one every few months.If the client ask to remove nails to make a new ones few days later, you should explain that it makes no sense and is not recommended. Removal and new nail extension should be done without break to avoid overfilling the nail plate during preparation and removal.It has been observed that natural nails are growing faster under artificial material, as it protects natural nails from damage and environmental exposure.The less artificial and natural nails are injured during the build-up and wearing, the healthier will be the natural nail plate. It is necessary that nail technician will do his job professionally following required techniques and procedures: using high quality materials, and nail files with no less than 150 grit, with minimum pressure on cuticle zone.In some cases, it is recommended to leave some material to reduce 

Removing nails

discomfort while transferring from artificial nails to natural nails.

 The process of removing acrylic nails (how to remove):

  • Remove length with tip cutter. 
  • Remove thickness leaving approximately 20-25% of artificial material.
  • Use rough nail file (100 grit) or nail drill machine.
  • Put cotton pad with artificial nail removal liquid on the nail and cover it with the foil.
  • Remove friable acrylics after 15-20 minutes and polish nails with nail buffer block.
  • Removing acrylic nailsPolish natural nails with polisher (in this way we will retrieve so-called insulating layer, removing scratches and 
  • Apply 1-2 layers of your standard Base Coat or special nail repair top coat.

The process of removing gel nails (how to remove):

  • Remove nail length with tip cutter, nail drill machine or using rough nail file.
  • Carefully remove thickness of the nail with nail drill machine or nail file (100-150 grit) but avoid overheating of the nail plate. 
  • Remove residuary material very carefully with the soft nail file (180-240 grit), Removing gel nailsavoiding natural nail surface. 
  • Remove scratches and unevenness with nail buffer block.
  • Polish nail surface and apply base coat.

Thus, professional nail extension and nail removal (take off acrylic or gel nails) is the key to healthy nails, your comfort and good mood. I recommend you read some more articles: “Nail Correction”, “Acrylic nail enhancement” and “Gel nail enhancement”.

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