My achievements


Education of nail artist Inna Gorodnova.


2000  - Educational center:  classic manicure, pedicure, euromanicure
2003 - LSN Nail Academy - manicure / pedicure using drill machine, SPA manicure/pedicure, medical manicure
2003 - LSN Nail Academy - gel nail exstension
2004 - EZ Flow Nail Academy - acrylic nail design (Elena VERETENKO)
2004 - EZ Flow Nail Academy - acrylic nail extension (Elena VERETENKO)
2004 - EZ Flow Nail Academy - natural nail strengthening using fiberglass
2005 - BASS cosmetics academy - french nail modeling, natural nail strengthening, cosmetic manicure/pedicure
2005 - BASS cosmetics academy - Nail educator certification of acrylic and gel technique and nail art
2005 - Tammy Taylor - Trainer certification on acrylic and gel modeling "Elite french manicure"
2005 - Elena Shanskaya Manicure House - nail art classes
2005 - Elena Shanskaya Manicure House - painting nail art classes held by educator - Ulia Egorova)
2006 - Elena Shanskaya Manicure House - international trainer programm - VIP nail artist status and nail artist of international level
2010 - One-stroke nail art held by Hadezda Tkachenko
2005 - 2012 - educator of basic classes and avanced level classes on acrylic modeling and nail art in Elena Shanskaya Manicure House
2007 - technologist of Young Nail brand
2011 - Formula PROFI - gel nail art, working with upper nail forms and liquid tips
2011 - Formula PROFI - nail extension using liquid tips technique
From 2007 - International nail judge
2008 -  Winner of the 1st place on "Golden hands of Ukraine" championship in "ART MIX" nomination (Odessa, Ukraine)
2008 - "The Golden Hands of the World" championship (Kaliningrad, Russia) - three first places (GRAN-PRIX):

  • 1 place in nomination "Acrylic Nail modeling" among VIP nail artists
  • 1 place in nomination "Painting Nail Art" among VIP nail artists
  • 1 place in nomination "Mix-media" among VIP nail artists

2009 - Czech republic - First place at European championship in "Painting Nail art"

Nail artist Inna Gorodnova, championship's cups

Diplomas, which confirm the qualification of the master and the nail-coach >>

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