Gel nail extension. Author's courses (5 days)


In this course you have the opportunity to know about features of work with gel as a material. To learn a fast and effective way of modeling nails according to modern requirements of the client and styles.

The course includes:

• Necessary minimum of theoretical knowledge for work of the master

• Acquaintance with classification (versions) of gels

• Position of master's hand

• Learning of classical shapes of nails ( square, soft square, square with the rounded corners, oval, almond).

• Correct preparation of natural nails for nail modeling

• Nail modeling on tips

• Nail modeling on forms. How correctly choose and put the forms

Acquaintance with different technicians of extensions and correction of gel nails:

1. "Strengthening" of natural nails by gel (biogel, gel polish). Features of combination with usual gels.

2. Nail modeling «under the nail polish ».

3. An express French nail (with white tips, with use of gel-paints).

4. Lengthening of a nail bed. "Perfect" service jacket.

5. Design with use of color gels and accessories, a portrayal paints.

6. Correction of nails (simple and difficult).

Problems and solutions of a  nails wearing are also considered in detail (typical mistakes in work of beginning masters)

- peelings

- cracks

- chips.

 Such important questions are also mentioned:

-  psychology of relation between master and client

-  Setting of price for services

Every day of the seminar passes with training on models.

After a course you also can ask  me the questions by e-mail, Skype or the mobile phone.

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