Acrylic nail modeling. Author's courses (5 days).


Would you like to learn how to do beautiful manicure? You can learn how to make nails that cause the great admiration of people! Trainings will give you the opportunity to release your creativity and create fascinating nail design on any hands.

Nail Extension Courses, Acrylic

The course includes:

- Acquaintance with materials for nail modeling

- History of nail modeling

- Nail structure

- Position of master’s hand

- Studying of classical nail shapes (square, soft square, square with the rounded corners, an oval, almond)

- Preparation of natural nails

- Work with forms (tips). How to choose it correctly and how to apply the nail forms.

- Usage and features of color acrylic powders and powders with a glitter (shining) in nail design

- additional accessories for nail design (foil, pastes, opals, dried flowers, dry glitter, nacre, pigments, dried flowers, shell)

- the high-speed filing technique - work with a drill (machine) using different tips

- Nail art, how visually correct inaccuracies when french manicure is “not perfect”

- how to correct mistakes that can happen at all stages of nail modeling

- Safety in work for the nail master and the client

- Why do nails can turn to yellow?

- Why do acrylic nails can peel?

- What is it better acrylic or gel?

- Setting the price for nail services.

Different techniques of acrylic nail modeling

1. Nail Application on tips.

2. Technique of only one ball application

3. Classic French nail design.

4. French nail modeling with the design.

And also correction of acrylic nails (simple and difficult). Every day of the seminar based on practice on model hands.

After any course I would be glad to answer your questions by e-mail, Skype or the mobile phone.

Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course to all students.

Nail Extension Courses, Art Nail Training, Acrylic

Inna Gorodnova

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