Acrylic nail modeling. «A fast salon French nail with enhancements of a nail plate or a French nail in 40 minutes» (2 days).


The purpose of each practicing master – to do qualitative nails, spending for it a minimum of time and efforts. The purpose of our course is to teach how to do it. "Express" Acrylic nail modeling, training for everybody who wishes to increase the qualification. Unique technique of modeling of French nails with enhancements of a nail plate and without, any form and enhancements in only 40-50 minutes. Reducing  time of work, you can increase number of clients during the day, - so it means to earn more! I suggest you do not think any more how  to make it, and simply to come, to look and to learn how to do it today! Salon French nails, nail extension coursesSalon French, nail extension courses

The course includes:

  • Salon French nail design
  • Various classical forms of artificial nails
  • Secrets of speed file of the nails
  • Working with the machine
  • Modeling techniques  of French nail with design
  • Working with colored acrylics
  • Correction of nails

Upon completion of the course students are issued a certificate.

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Danmark (Bjerrebæk Line) Danmark (Bjerrebæk Line)

Inna, I can't tell you enough how glad I am for my time with you. That weekend was one of the best. Thank you so much for your amazing nail courses and professional development. You are the best nail-art master and teacher. I got my skills so much better and I learned so much more than I expected. We will see each other again for more education in painting nail art and design.
I hope the best for you and your family. love from Copenhagen (Denmark)

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