Professional development. Gel French nail (2 days)


Professional development. Gel French nail

There are  questions and problems in the work of any master which you face daily. Than a moment comes when the master tries to  find a solution. This seminar is created just for this purpose. Work is constructed you could be in a circle of                 " like-minded persons" (the colleagues) under the vigilant control of the skilled instructor, consider the most characteristic and typical mistakes in work and find ways of their elimination

The course includes:

1. The Gel French nail with lengthening of a nail plate.

2. Combination of gels.

3. Features of work with color gels.

4. Creation of design composition (an arrangement on nails).

5. French-mix (gel + acrylic).

Upon completion of the course students are issued a certificate.

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Indonesia ubud (Sugiantini Putri ) Indonesia ubud (Sugiantini Putri )

I'm so happy to meet so talanted nail artist Inna Gorodnova

I'm working as nail artist in Ubud and met her in spa salon

"Your nails are beautiful,where did you get them done?!" - i asked Inna:) 

She gave me her business card and showed 

me part of her unique n fast technique of extension french nails

i was really impressedI'm your fan mam Inna.

Looking for you on Bali again with nail courses

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