Professional development. Gel French nail (2 days)


Professional development. Gel French nail

There are  questions and problems in the work of any master which you face daily. Than a moment comes when the master tries to  find a solution. This seminar is created just for this purpose. Work is constructed you could be in a circle of                 " like-minded persons" (the colleagues) under the vigilant control of the skilled instructor, consider the most characteristic and typical mistakes in work and find ways of their elimination

The course includes:

1. The Gel French nail with lengthening of a nail plate.

2. Combination of gels.

3. Features of work with color gels.

4. Creation of design composition (an arrangement on nails).

5. French-mix (gel + acrylic).

Upon completion of the course students are issued a certificate.

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Elena  (Saad(Lebanon) Elena) Elena (Saad(Lebanon) Elena)

I want to tell my story, I am a nail master but over the time I realized that my basic knowledge is not enough, I started to looking for a school of nail service but I have only 10 days of training (bcs I live in Lebanon) and I wanted to learn a lot (gel designs, shaped pipe edge )so when I found through Google Inna Gorodnova I was very happy! she agreed to teach me in spite of her employment for which I am very grateful!how proud I was of such a level master will teach me!!! i tried to penetrate to the maximum in every move! Inna supported in word and patience!! !it gave me confidence that I could be a professional! Inna in this 10day became not only nail artist for me also a friend ,she is very open,positive and lovely person! Hope to keep our friendship!!!! Anybody can see my nail works at "Student's works".   Wanna get a professional development after some time!  
with love from Beirut, Lebanon

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